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Not An Earth Day Sale

By Resa Sawyer | April 22, 2021

Well, my inbox has been full of Earth Day marketing spam….and it bothers me. Especially when a lot of what is being promoted isn’t even vaguely green – and there is a lot of that …

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Welcome Spring!

By Resa Sawyer | March 20, 2021

Spring is here…and it feels so good! Baby goats are coming, the chickens are cranking out their eggs, the bees are bringing in pure white pollen. Perennials are just peeking up out of the ground …

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Many Thanks and Happy Solstice…..

By Resa Sawyer | December 21, 2020

So as we approach the longest night of the year ( and what a year) and I hope you all are leaving this year behind healthy, housed, and fed. I want to thank all my …

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Glitches and more glitches…

By Resa Sawyer | November 16, 2020

Hello to all my wonderful customers! Just a quick note to fill you in the weirdness that my website has become. First, Paypal has closed my account, no explanation, no warning (and it appears they …

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Medicine from the Bees to You

By Resa Sawyer | August 14, 2020

New! Propolis Tincture! Propolis is processed by the bees from plant resins into a sticky substance to seal their hives, and helps protect the hive from pathogens. Propolis has been used for centuries to strengthen …

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Summer Solstice Soap Sale!

By Resa Sawyer | June 21, 2020

Summer is already in full swing at The Middle Aged Spread; potatoes, traditional Taos Pueblo corn, beans and squash are up in the irrigated fields; tomatoes, cucumbers, chiles and melons are planted on the new …

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