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Here on our farm at Taos Pueblo, NM, sustainability is an important part of everyday life. All of my products utilize herbs that I grow organically, acquire from other local organic growers, or personally wildcraft from our local forests. The natural goat milk used is supplied by my free roaming herd of Nubians and Saanen dairy goats, and the honey and beeswax ingredients are from my bee hives that are managed with organic, chemical free techniques. Our products have been packaged minimally and without plastic since we began in 2000.

With over four decades of experience as an herbalist and organic farmer, and 0ver 25 years as a Registered Nurse, I am dedicated to producing high quality products that even the chemically sensitive can use without fear of skin rashes or headaches. NO Palm or GMO oils, such as corn, soy, or canola, or chemical fragrances, scents, and artificial colors are ever used- only fresh, natural ingredients are blended into each and every creation.

A Few Words About Ingredients

Chemical fragrances, scents and perfumes are a world apart from natural essential oils. Just naming a product after an herb or flower does NOT make it “natural”. Any product that contains the words “fragrance” or “fragrance oil” may contain up to 200 synthetic chemicals, many manufactured in China. Many of these can cause serious reactions to those who are chemically sensitive.

Palm oil, although widely found in many soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and processed foods, has become a a controversial subject to those dedicated to sustainable practices. We have never used palm oil because of its devasting effects on tropical forests and the plants, wildlife and indigenous peoples who live there.


Handmade & Homegrown In The Mountains Of Northern New Mexico

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