Glitches and more glitches…

Hello to all my wonderful customers! Just a quick note to fill you in the weirdness that my website has become. First, Paypal has closed my account, no explanation, no warning (and it appears they have done so to a multitude of other small businesses. Shut your account down now or risk losing your money). So I changed the shopping cart to Wix, and I have spent nearly 2 months trying to prove to them who I am, and they refuse to accept any of my documents, even though I've done business with them for 5 years! So the only response I get from them is they will be refunding all your orders placed from September on.  At this point, I'm done wasting months of my time with non-responsive corporations (you can check out the massive amounts of complaints on their Facebook pages - it's epic!)

I have a wonderful tech guy who will be moving my site - this site will remain active until it's ready, but I would appreciate if you have orders to place, just message, email, or call and I can ship to you with an invoice or or take a credit card with my Square reader. Old school, I guess!

Also, I've been informed that I cannot sell CBD or an alcohol based tincture, but I do have the CBD salves and propolis tincture, just give me a holler and we will subvert the dominant paradigm together 🙂

Thank you for your patience, understanding and all your wonderful support. And stay well!


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