Many Thanks and Happy Solstice…..

So as we approach the longest night of the year ( and what a year) and I hope you all are leaving this year behind healthy, housed, and fed. I want to thank all my customers for the record-breaking year you have given all of us at The Middle Aged Spread. The new website is done and seems to be working beautifully; many thanks to Cara Woo for all of her help and Keven Keneally of Albuquerque Seo for being so patient with my distaste of technology. And gratitude to everyone who was so flexible during the switch. And I can’t even begin to express my appreciation to my partner Richard Aspenwind who proved to be the epitome of reliance and patience when my back went on strike in September, and he really stepped up to take care of me and the whole farm and standing in line at the PO shipping packages all while listening to me whine.. Just a little whining…😉

So from all us critters here at the farm, Happy Holidays, and stay safe out there!

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